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Ship Premier’s Multimodal Transportation Solutions

Updated: Mar 21

Logistics is an intricate aspect of running a business and finding an efficient solution for it can be tricky. Among the many components in the operation logistics that need optimizing is its multimodal transportation.

Fortunately for you, we can help you solve and optimize your transportation needs!

Let’s find out what are the different multimodal transportation solutions that Ship Premiere offers in this article!

truckload shipping unit

Truckload Shipping

Truckload shipping is one of the most used forms of transportation in the nation, accounting for 72.6% of the US freight weight.


Freight trucks play a pivotal role in supply chains because they link all other multimodal transports in the network. They bridge the gap between the nodes in the chain and reach locations where ships, planes, and trains can’t.

Ship Premiere offers a more efficient way to move your goods across varying distances.  

Our truckload services include a large fleet of truck resources that are ready to cover local deliveries up to long-haul shipments.

We also accommodate our client’s transport specifications. Through our diverse truck assets like dry vans, refrigerated trailers, and flat beds, we ensure that all our client’s service requests are being met.  

crane loading freight in cargo ship

Ocean Freight

Maritime trading is one of the largest industries in the world. In the US alone, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that ships carry 53% of the country's imports and 38% of total imports.

This gets to show the ever-increasing demand not only for ship freight services but also for drayage and freight forwarders like Ship Premier.

Ship Premier can help you handle most aspects of the transportation process. We provide a cost-effective solution to your logistics needs, from warehousing, and intermodal transport, down to moving your goods by sea.

Our company can accommodate your goods in our warehouses before the whole shipment process begins. Ship Premier has indoor storage assets that are well over 400,000 sq ft and more than 20 acres of outdoor space to hold your shipment.

We also bring drayage support to our clients and connect all modes of transport in the supply chain. Not only that, our short-distance ground freight services can help move your shipments across the various hubs and storage facilities as required.

Ship Premier also partners with the best maritime transportation companies in the industry. Through our extensive logistic networks, we help arrange reliable shipment transport for your goods, whether domestic or international.

crane loading containers on trains

Rail Freight Transport

Trains and railways continue to be the backbone of today’s industrialization even long after its conception in the 19th century.

According to the Association of American Railroads (AAR), freight railroads in the US continue to transport around 1.6 million tons of goods across the country. This is because freight trains have a larger cargo capacity than most ground transports, making them cost-effective in logistic operations.


If you’re looking to integrate freight trains into your supply chains, consider Ship Premier to help you with that! We operate a commercial service rail transport in Tulsa, Oklahoma that can move your goods in and out of the state.


Ship Premiere also offers trans-loading services to better facilitate the boarding of shipments between transportation modes. With proper inventory management, we assure clients that their shipments are secured and accounted for before any major cargo transport.

Looking for Multimodal Transportation Solutions?

Supply chains are one of the most important aspects of businesses.

Without proper logistics in place, you risk operating your business inefficiently. Your supply chain will be unreliable, and you’ll risk losing tons of profit with this setback.

That’s why picking a logistic partner is as important as the supply chain that it’s supporting.

In need of a reliable multimodal transportation solution for your business’ logistics? Reach out to us and let us help you move your shipments!  

Better Inventory Control

FTZ users have full control of their inventory—imported goods or domestic materials—inside the zone. They can decide on what goods go in or out in the zone, and how many.

Often, Foreign Trade Zones serve as supply chain hubs where businesses can consolidate and store all their materials. This makes them a great distribution center when all materials are converted into finished goods or are ready for delivery.


Even better, FTZ also reduces the risk of inventory loss. You can be assured that your inventory damage is minimized, from FTZ’s strict security policies to the decrease in shrinkage-causing transits.

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