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Freight Pay & Auditing - Why is it Important to Every Shipper Using LTL?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Auditing LTL invoices is a critical component to a companies’ transportation spend. Auditing ensures the carrier is accurately billing your shipments. Every year some companies are spending tens of thousands of dollars needlessly to carriers because of billing errors.

Post-Audit Services are available to all clients. Legally, Premier Logistics has the ability to search six (6) months of past invoices to identify billing accuracy, finding mistakes made by billing clerks and recover the lost dollars billed in error! The carrier is obligated to refund by law.  This process ensures that your organization is spending transportation dollars wisely.

Invoice accuracy among LTL carriers has historically been an issue, as billing or invoicing is a manual process. Premier Logistics offers Freight Bill and Audit Services to its client base. The audit process ensures payment of accurate amounts owed to carriers for all LTL shipments tendered. Industry records show that LTL carrier billing errors range between 2% to 10%, year-over-year. Freight Bill Payment services, provided by Premier Logistics can streamline activity within client accounting departments, increasing capacity to perform and complete other critical internal tasks.

Computer assisted information allows data to be uploaded from carrier invoices, further easing the burden on your Accounts Payable staff at the time of data entry or internal GL coding.

Contact Premier today on the details of a post audit and lets see what money we can find for you!

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